What happens when I apply online?

The most effective way to apply to us on-line is to apply speculatively and join our pool of candidates. Once your details are on our database you will receive an automatically generated email acknowledging your application and detailing the process of applying to Divis Soltions. In parallel, our recruitment team receives a note telling them that your application has arrived.

If you have applied speculatively to Divis Solutions, your CV will be stored in our database and as each new vacancy is opened, we will check to see if your skills and experience, salary, location preferences, etc are compatible. If they are, we will put you forward for the role. If you are successful and selected to move to the next stage of the application process, then we will let you know.

If you have applied directly to one of our vacancies, your CV will be reviewed along with those of other applicants who have applied speculatively. Some of our campaigns can generate interest from large numbers of candidates, so this process may take a couple of weeks to complete. If you are successful and selected to move to the next stage of the application process, then we will let you know. Should you be unsuccessful, your CV and details will be placed on our database and as detailed in the paragraph above, will check your details against future vacancies. We will let you know should the vacancy be closed.

Pre-Screen Tests

As part of the initial pre-screen, you may be sent a test by email. These tests allow us to measure the skills shown in your CV. The pre-screening tests take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Business Review

Having passed pre-screening, your application will be further reviewed by the business manager responsible for the role you have applied for.

If your application is unsuccessful, an email notification message will be sent out to you. If you are selected for an interview, we will respond either via telephone or email. Following your interview, expect a decision or feedback within two working days. All offers of employment will be communicated to you over the phone and contract details will be sent to you via post or email.

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