DIVIS SOLUTIONS INC. is a services based company delivering business solutions via information technology. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio Divis Solutions serves both local and national clients.

The DIVIS SOLUTIONS INC. team defines our culture. They are a group of select and highly trained professionals with diverse backgrounds who possess a mix of corporate and entrepreneurial natures. Their success driven spirits are not developed from a sales first mindset, but one that is consultative in approach. We ensure this approach in the development of our staff through unique on-going training and creative staff development programs which go a long way towards our goal of becoming a consultancy of choice.

The key to DIVIS's success is the relationship developed between Divis and its Clients. Divis develops partnerships with its customers, realizing that in doing so the customer's business can be better understood and the customer's needs can be addressed appropriately. The partnership developed allows Divis and its customers to co-develop business solutions that have predictable costs and realistic, achievable implementation time frames.

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